21st March 2020

Explaining the mystery of creation is simplicity itself. To start there was nothing, and then there was something. If my diagnosis seems a little  blasé in comparison to the undoubted complex prestidigitations that must in reality have taken place I can only say in my defense that the correct answer would have absolutely no effect upon my existence, my beliefs, my actions or  considerations whatsoever.

That the question still weighs quite so heavily upon humanity is probably the best proof available for the theory of evolution, that man is indeed directly descended from that most inanely inquisitive and easily discombobulated of beasts, a great ape. What possible justification exists for the billions of dollars and the thousands of work hours sank annually into solving that most profound but totally unanswerable scientific and philosophical question, when the demands of basic charity grow exponentially from east to west, north to south,  to every corner of the planet.

Homo sapiens seems unique because he is aware, perceives himself set high within the framework of immediate earthly existence, but like all those so easily invested with pride, destined eventually to fall.

I am presently inclined to obsess the quality of faith, and why that most integral of human motivations should be left to the tender mercies of the wholly unsuited to administer. Amongst those being discrepant I would include the powerful, the ambitious, all forms of controlling agency, hierarchies by definition being at odds and ill-matched. Faith is individual, a suit of clothes carefully tailored over time and through experience to fit a very specific anatomy and perspective.

Groups are communal, must inhabit approximate ground, have similar ideals, matched purpose. The individual and the group are never contusive unless one, the other or both waver in their purpose or adapt their vision. Community can be achieved, but ever in the loosest of terms, prohibiting discrimination, single mindedness and prejudice, perhaps even shying from the subtleties of distinction, accent, taste, refinement, fashion and language. If a foundation is laid upon another’s bedrock it is a false proposition.

Any island is a refuge, a last best hope for redemption. Isolation obtainable twenty-four seven, self-imposed exile dependent on mood and freezer capacity. Comfortable gold-plated privation set high on diamond studded rocks amidst dolphin infested seas, but isolation, nevertheless.

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