16th March 2020

I remember being a quite healthy sort of kid when young, yet between the years nineteen fifty-seven and nineteen fifty-nine I managed to spend in two visits a combined total of six months in the isolation wing of the Royal Hospital, Kingston.  

My first stay was for a period of some four months, suspected of having polio but actually suffering from the congenital disease rheumatic fever, the second sojourn through a painful and at that time life threatening burst appendicitis. Isolation was the general treatment for both undiagnosed conditions and post-operative recovery, in the former instant to ensure no spread of disease from patient A to patients B thru Z, in the latter to protect patient  A from possible infection from B thru Z’s conditions or generally  occurring germs. At my then tender age the concept of medical isolation was far beyond my limited comprehension, so I quite rapidly withdrew into a War of the Worlds type fantasy mindset I have ever simply referred to as the White Room.

As an aside, in nineteen ninety-one KLF released their concept album ‘The White Room’, which at first play convinced me of the reality of both ESP and time travel.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQpn2rUDmnQ

The determination to remain active and healthy is an overriding consideration in all I do. That is not to say I go out of my way to create such a regimen, more that the process is so ingrained into my psyche that I am programmed towards protection and preservation. I had a most enlightening conversation but a few days ago with someone who observed that on occasion I can be somewhat aloof, detached from my surroundings, being so self-closeted as to border on the antisocial. At first consideration this rather alarmed me, I have always considered myself amenable, approachable, even effervescent, but after some additional input and perspective I now appreciate and recognize the social and societal traits presenting this, to my mind, wholly false conception.

Britains, are generally very private individuals, inclined to wash our laundry far from public view, keep drama very much enclosed within private theaters, emotions behind well secured translucent walls. I have come to the conclusion this is resultant to overpopulation, large number of individuals working, exercising, loving, hating and just plain existing in a extremely crowded environs. My first few months in the States were quite the culture shock. You folks are much more open, personable and interactive. However in certain circumstances this sociability can be a decided disadvantage.

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