9th March 2020

Any day I see an eagle I consider to be a good day. Happily there are very few occasions when my proceedings along the highways and byways of Orcas are not accompanied by the outline of an eagle overseeing my progress from above. On very special occasions I will hear the distinctive crashing sound of a baldies somewhat interrupted progress through the trees aside the roadway, to be suddenly honored by a personal   appearance but a few yards above my head.  It took several such occasions and a number of motorists quizzical looks in my direction for me to realize that my magnificent view was totally obscured to the drivers flashing past at speed, unaware that their nations pristine emblem was soaring but a short distance above their vehicles rooftop.

Although I took the trouble to obtain a vehicle driving license when I was twenty-one, at the behest I should add of Her Majesty’s government in my capacity as a member of the territorial forces, I cannot recall ever having been a consistent driver. I had qualified upon two motorized wheels, much to my families disgust, at the  tender age of sixteen, my trust old Triumph ‘Tiger’ single cylinder five hundred proving quite sufficient transport for me should I have ever felt the urgent need to be the organ grinder,  but I was ever far happier in the back seat of the family Bentley admiring the splendor of the passing world from a comfortably reclined position.

The use of motorized transport, particularly automobiles was rather impractical in any case, roads were not really suited to a multiplicity of vehicles, being rather narrow, with often irregular surfaces, no easily available   town or city parking  and such an abundance of public transport to make the whole rigmarole of getting the damned contraption out of the coach house quite too much bother. For short trips, say less than three to five miles I had become accustomed almost from first perambulation to use shanks’ pony and for longer distances of say twenty or thirty miles a bicycle. Personal safety was never an issue even mildly considered, even as a bairn I would disappear very soon after breakfast to reappear nine hours later around dinner time without the slightest question or concern from any one at all.  Life was admittedly perceived as being far less traumatic then, but to be honest I am inclined to wonder if even now it is far less traumatic than it is feared to be.

 That evil exists there is little doubt, but the chances of meeting real evil face to face is an improbability, except of course when that evil exists like a cuckoo within one’s own nest.

There is something very surreal about waking up at 2.01am and realizing you were asleep for minus thirty minutes. A little later this afternoon a torpid dormouse, a deranged albino hare and a floozy by the name of Alice are coming for tea. Unfortunately Wonderlands four Queens, wonderfully suited for every occasion, had to send apologies for not being able to attend. You will be missed at table Larry, Gary, Briony and Rue, as well as your ever-accompanying smaller denomination and less significant cards.

Spring has most decidedly sprung!

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