8th March 2020

I have always suffered very lucid dreams, I am also inclined to suffer from short-term memory loss, the two seeming at first glance to cancel each out quite perfectly.

When awakening from one of my usual short deep and sweaty slumbers my habit is to sit at my desk, a cup of some suitably warm and relaxing concoction to my right and commence to concoct and type a few abstract lines  into the ever awaiting open word program,  for later review and probable inclusion into one piece of nonsense or other. I am ever amazed how quite coherent ideas can manifest themselves as from a void, popping onto the computer screen as fresh as buttermilk pancakes straight off the griddle.

Upon careful consideration I am obliged to admit this process is neither personally unique, the slightest bit magical, nor some spiritually impressive form of speaking in tongues, rather simply a subconscious recall of my recently experienced dreams. Those imaginings that whilst consciously deleted still quietly and conscientiously bubble away deep within the cortex of my brain to spring forth as required, virgin like, at but a moment’s notice.

The Aboriginal peoples of Australasia have a deep heartfelt connection with dreamtime, a conceptualization they utilize to accommodate all mystery and magic, ancestral connection, spiritual belief and even what we would designate genetically transmitted adaptions and skills. Their profound acceptance of the interconnections and equally important disconnects between reality and imagination are the stabilizers that have kept their society strong, unchanged and undamaged for multitudinous peaceful centuries.

As modern day Westerners of imagined higher learning we are inclined to attempt ever more intricate explanations for our many quirks, kinks, imaginings, urges, phobias, hopes and fears, uncontrollable actions and reactions, successes and failures, addictions to the illogic of luck or chance, to forms of relaxant like alcohol, nicotine and innumerable foreign substances natural and manufactured. We seek daily to control the uncontrollable, cure the incurable, correct each and every error, direct every action, effectively merging reality with imagination, cognitive awareness with dreamtime.

Was evolutions greatest error to allow civilization to destroy innocence, adolescence to erase childhood before it could enhance adulthood?

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