6th March 2020

Is it just me or does everyone have secret skills they never ever share with anyone under any circumstances, abilities that will remain hidden from exhibition probably till the day you depart this mortal coil? I really hope we all share this anomaly, not because a consensus would make me feel less strange but rather because I find the notion of a universe filled with surreptitious super folks somehow utterly reassuring and palliative.

Mine own secret abilities must obviously remain hidden, but should they ever be called upon to save the world, remedy a situation, to right a wrong or wrong a right I am almost honor bound to withhold my assistance simply because I can. To suddenly release that kraken in true Nordic berserker fashion would possibly, indeed quite probably result in a sudden and uncontrollable rash of unexpected and unpredictable manifestations, the world we know and the individuals we have become accustomed to sharing it with suddenly metamorphosizing beyond recognition or comprehension.

To slightly misquote Amanda Waller, “The world changed when superman flew across the sky and it changed again when he didn’t.”

I will share with you my ability to utter the most momentarily relevant words and phrases in a totally unexpected and almost surreal manner.  This ability can seem very mystical, magical, perhaps even spooky, but it is not. I have absolutely no clue what possesses me to do such tricks, except to hastily add it is not possession. Neither is it empathy, though that would be a rather splendid source to admit as I am advised by quite the sagest individuals I know that compassionate insight is a good thing.  

Some might suggest my gift is from el diablo himself, although I am personally inclined to discredit this suggestion simply on the basis that people making such pronouncements tend to be those who make their living, or at least reputation by espousing from thin air in very a prophetic manner.

Another reason we superheroes must remain hidden is to avoid the obvious danger of being reclassified as a supervillain. Our universe does after all insist on balance, for every Professor X there must be a Magneto, for every Holmes a Moriarty, for every Andre the giant a Hulk Hogan.

Personally, I have always liked plain chocolate, had a leaning towards the dark side. Or have I?

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