28th February 2020

I consider my ability to still see with some clarity as an ongoing gift, one I would be hard pressed to manage without. Most certainly age had brought a decline in definition, in focus, yet still I can enjoy in somewhat blurry terms the wonders, common and remarkable, presented momentarily.

The mechanics of sight in in itself a process I find fascinating if somewhat beyond my technical understanding. I do comprehend the principles of lenses, how the images are focused and upended, then by some mystical organic prestidigitation projected in perfect clarity upon our minds eye. I apologize for my extremely basic knowledge and understanding, but perhaps that lack of scientific insight does nothing but increase my wonder at the infinite adaptability and intricacy of what to me appears but just simple flesh, blood, nerve and sinew.

Equally as fascinating is the manner in which we process given images, correlating, comparing, indexing, sorting until we manage a four-dimensional picture from something which is in my imperfect and quite possible erroneous understanding received as a simple two-dimensional snapshot.

Depth of course is the sense that makes our particular perspective unique. Many creatures have this dimension available to some degree, but the particular capacity to place an object exactly in relation to its surroundings is perhaps uniquely human, out capacity to comprehend and adjust when our vision is being manipulated almost unfathomable.

The word depth itself has of course numerous meanings, vertical extent, relationship to a horizon, reserve strength, texture, intensity, lowness of pitch, deepness and to me far more interestingly and significantly, profundity. Here I perceive a wholly different face to the nature of vision, profundity including a myriad of interpretive opportunities, to include perception, discernment, sapience, percipience and penetration. Visualizations allow an immediacy of emotional judgement from comparison and experience, both personal and social or societally influenced. We automatically affix explanatory labels to viewed objects, both negative and positive.  Adverse reactions to people might easily include prejudice, dismissal, a warning of threat or danger.

Such reactions are subconscious, existing whether welcomed or regretted. We all judge upon first appearance, our personal capacity to overcome instinctual prejudice, how we process these natural inclinations, measures our humanity.

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