27th February 2020

The Lion, Panthera leo
Leopold by name, Leopold by nature,
The King of beasts unquestioned.

Yes, Tiger you are bigger and fiercer
But strangely I have had more mates,
Must be my wondrous mane
Or musky scent,
Perhaps because I let them serve
As is their want and need,
Whilst admiring lazily.

The Lion, Panthera leo
I was nocturnal, I liked the dark
My females stalked so patiently.

They served me supper and pleasure
Equally important to my health,
See my lustrous shining coat
Wicked glinting claws,
They manicured and tested those
With such manifest joy.
Under my tutelage.

The Lion, Panthera leo
Hear My roar, now a whisper
Worldly wise and mannered.

No purpose now in bellicosity
Posturing and self-import,
Empires crumble doubtless
Past Sovereigns evaporate easily,
As did in nursery rhymes
Characters without foundation.

The Lion, Panthera leo
Leopold by name, Leopold by nature,
King of beasts by invitation.

Pedestalled high on marble base
In danger of lightheadedness,
Comfortable enough enthroned
Upon good solid foundations,
Through your diligent burnishing
Fully refurbished and glinting.
The Lion, Panthera leo
Past erased, present illusive,
Banished despot on a sterile island.

Prince without princess
Fable without end.

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