20th February 2020

The very best part of winter. Sun drenched days with every shadow cast all but dissapearing neath their body. Face ruddy with the iminant promise of warmer times so close to hand, yet still able to enjoy a long woven woolen scarf twice wrapped around cheek. Chill nights when a log fire is the only true recourse and an extra wrap is perfectly  comforting and socially acceptable.

I take great care to not allow virus, disease, or illness to permeate my body and thereby influence my habits.  Hence my insistence on daily filling my air sacs with the fresh clean oxygen mix my chosen environment so thoughtfully provides. My adherence to this regime is almost phobic, fortified by the resultant decline of my general wellbeing when my ability to wander is curtailed. I was brought up to consider that the worst of punishments was to be fixed in place, entrapped, unable to enjoy freedom, ostracized by circumstance, to be dependent upon others for the sights and sounds of an outside world I was forbidden to personally experience.

This is a life lesson that was drilled into my conscience at every turn. Particularly by the poignant existence of relatives who since birth had been imprisoned within explicit boundaries, doomed to the second unfashionable sitting room, dismissed to the furthest bedroom, disavowed from communicating with any but the most intimate of family, hidden from the young and impressionable, those who might perceive any such affliction as a curse or judgement from the deity.

 Such abnormalities, genetic traits, familial maledictions, were secreted, ignored and oft untreated, left, through the process of time to lead to the anticipated resulting infirmity and demise. They were matters designated for stoic silence and acceptance, not bitterness, regret or more than cursory treatment.

The list of such maladies increased throughout history exponentially, medicine having the urge to document and classify such conditions, but no obvious drive or ability to understand root cause, treatment or cure.

It is worth remembering that something as simple as a non-wound caused infection was totally beyond the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of the most elite and educated of medical practitioners, surgeons, bone doctors for centuries, simply because their highbrow views and self-conceits refused to stoop to the level of perceived witchcraft and sorcery and utilize the properties of the molds and fungi that as antibiotics would reinvent the practice of disease treatment utterly.

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