18th January 2020

I am not and never have been a particularly enthusiastic joiner, not someone who desires or needs groups, crowds, or even small gatherings to fulfill mine own comfort or happiness. I am inclined to demure to the late great Grouch Marx’s ethos of automatically resigning from any club that would accept him as a member.

My feelings in this regard have not changed significantly in many a decade, whilst it is true I was a member of several exclusive social clubs in adolescence and early manhood, that was more for personal convenience, providing an ability to dine, drink and carouse outside or regulation hours, than for socialization. My partying, if ever existent, was always private, extremely discrete and exempt from the gaze of the hoi palloi. For all my apparent outgoing nature and seeming affectedness I am at heart introverted and self-conscious, my external appearance and inner personality being polar opposites, res judicata.

A prerequisite to my sporting career was the necessity to join, mingle and train with peers, even on occasion an obligation to socialize at dinners, award ceremonies and the like. I accepted these obligations grudgingly but in good spirit, the end ever justifying the means.

I find community and communal spirit a constant challenge. The need to share, to democratically decide, to dilute a personal viewpoint however strongly felt for common agreement or good, rationale not necessarily codependent.

My objections to group activities are numerous as the locusts of biblical plague, but perhaps can be boiled down to two very clear and recognizable sets. Firstly the necessity to construct a hierarchy to organize and administer any human conflagration, secondly the immediate and automatic production from the new volcanos magna filled depths the molten lava flows that  are cronies, elites, cliques, cabals, juntas, in-crowds, fraternities and inner circles, all representing in their multitudinous shapes and sizes the exact opposite circumstance to the ethos of community.

Officers, officials, committees, assemblies, duly elected representatives also must be dually designated.  Those who are positioned by longevity, by service, by unwished or unlooked for election, for their experience, by for the want of a better word talent are the living breathing essence of societal organization. Those who openly seek election, garner profit, kudos and self-esteem from ancillary activities, are figureheads, vocal lead actors. These are simply self-promoters without true care for the independent longevity of fellowship.

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