13th February 2020

The immature eagles have begun to carve out for themselves if not their final territory at minimum their areas of influence and control. The eaglet’s flit from tree to tree, elevation to elevation, plotting clear lines of site and possible emergency landing grounds. The older matures watch this presumptive behavior from the distant treetops and occasionally it would seem speak harshly in volumes to the appropriateness of any such developments. The validity of the new claimants’ rights are but temporary, such fledgling intrusions being entirely exploratory as opposed to a full-frontal invasion with overwhelming victory. This paragraph represents a version of the facts, an approximation of the honest truth, quite possibly embellished in resonance and import to add color, theater and thereby interest for you my most patient and loyal listener.

The yarn related above is the probable foundation of what in ten years or so of repetition will form the basis of a truly successful tall tale. Such fabulous contrivances must at their core have sufficient truth to make them, whilst improbable, somewhat believable. History is but a series of tall tales, events told through the recollections of individuals who invariably own a very shaded perspective.

I have always loved history, but take each morsel consumed with as large a pinch of salt as my palate will allow. We all are obliged to accept the vagaries of such recorded information, but when the slightly skewed opinion is replaced with astute and calculated lies, then facts, events, history in general become nothing more than fantasy, fairy tale and fable.

The saving grace is that we now live in a global community and however well-constructed a lie may be, improbability becomes more and more discernable the greater the distant from whence it is espied.

In today’s environment of rapid and universal information exchange the perfect lie is impossible to conceive or propagate. Truth knows no borders, recognizes no wall, real or imagined. Gossip, word of mouth, rumor circumvents even the most contrived social, military or political curtain and will contextualize every statement, highlighting exaggeration, changeability and falsehood.

To quote a pedantic Noah weeding applicants for his Arc, “Mister Mandarin, I am not easily fooled, you look like a duck, sound like a duck and walk like a duck… …”

Avoidance of historical context is not a protection against its eventual judgement and condemnation.

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