11th February 2020

Orcas Lullaby 
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei
A wish before I die.
To lay my head upon your lap
And whisper fond goodbye.
 They say you are a fallen star
Beyond all hope and care,
A force of nature, rare, untamed
A whirlpool to despair. 
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei
I have no fear of thee,
For I was doomed eternally
To fruit the Judas tree.
 Your laugh can light a stormy day
Bring calm to raging seas,
Unlock a soul from galley chains
And set the prisoner free.
Your presence draws me near,
To wreck upon the jagged rocks
 That ever linger there.
 The siren song that permeates
Each moment you embrace,
Will captivate this mariner’s soul
To sink beyond all trace. 
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei
Invade my sweetest dream,
Forever vague, but always there
More real than e’er than you seem.
 Sleeping softly neath my gaze
Head bowed deep in prayer,
What you dream I cannot tell
But hope that I am there.
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei
What wonders might have been,
If yesterday was like today
Most peaceful and serene.
When you wake and do return
To touch my space once more,
Will happiness embrace you face
As did in times before.
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei
Fates hand will roll the dice,
The future is a lottery
Twixt hell and paradise.
Would I had the magic words
To straightens all life’s curves,
Your future would be ever kind
Each blessing you deserve.

2 thoughts on “11th February 2020

  1. The most touching thing anyone has ever said to or about me. The end brings me to tears most of the time. I’ve spent more time reading it than it took you to write it. You see me, and for that I will forever be grateful.


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