28th January 2020

Our waking hours are constructed upon a skeleton of protective and instructive guidelines, namely social etiquette. The basis of these those societal framed rules is the need nay necessity to mingle, cooperate and survive in a tribe unilaterally made up of individuals with singular and often uncompromising viewpoints and desires.  The tribe, the society, the mismatched homogeny in which we spent our social moments is uncompromising, often reacting hurriedly, emotionally, irrationally, responding to a minimum of stimulus, such raction often escalating without reference to the impetus or pressure applied.

Instruction in these social precepts was historically taught within the familial home or group, to be honed and finished in basic and higher education establishments. Unfortunately, this form of interactive learning requires a degree of cooperation, trust, respect and unquestioning acceptance fully lacking within post Hiroshima society. The unquestioned following of example, a basic adherence to previous accepted patterns of social, physical and intellectual behaviors whether by parents, peers or other representatives of authority is not a life component recognized by the atomic generation.

Swan Stand 12th January 2018

The lack of familial educative structure and  a most welcome rebellion against the over invasive and often supercilious legion of mind manipulators and therapists has led in no small part to the recent development of the life coaching phenomenon, replacing one umbrella , the closeted environment of blood relations, with another, the external but more  politic ‘woke’ practitioner, adviser, guru.

These new age experts can be classified in two distinct groupings, the collective and the individual. The ‘collective’ tends to have  the pyramidic form of  a hierarchy,  with built in levels that indicate advancement in understanding, the up staircase if you will, and the ever threatening down staircase or shoot for those unwilling or unable to provide for their superiors suitable proof of piety, whether that proof be spiritual, physical or more often than not, financial. You will note the form bears a remarkable comparison to what has come to be designated a Ponzi scheme. This geometric design seems to be particularly appealing to the species homo sapiens, most social, political, religious, military and commercial organizations being thus delineated. The ‘individual’ design is equally appealing as it concludes that the development of the singular individual alone take’s precedence. Freedom of thought and action are paramount, personal development limited only by the individual’s willingness to reach out, or indeed from the more anarchistic viewpoint simply want, the right to success, possessions, skill, fame, fortune, creature comforts granted to the individual theoretically at the point of conception.

Swan Stand 12th August 2017

Notably these two constructs are diametrically opposed, each seeing the other as the very devil to their own divine right.  Society reflect these polar opposites in any number of examples, in society, the individual as opposed to the community; politically, inclusiveness as opposed to exclusivity; religion, conformist opposed to non-conformist; spiritual, piety as opposed to atheism or agnosticism; socialism, the worker as opposed to the deadbeat. Example after example spring forth effortlessly, seemingly ad infinitum.

Having discarded a tried and tested methodology humanity is obliged to construct a mirror reflection in replacement.’

Mirrors not only reverse perspective but also eradicate a dimension. The absence of depth will invariably lead to miscalculation, misunderstanding and eventual conflict. Individual experience, a clear vision of reality cannot be replaced by reflected imagery. Blood is thicker than water.

Swan Stand 28th January 2020

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