27th January 2020

Introspection is on many levels clearly a form of self-aggrandizement. The assumption that my or anyone else’s personal reflection is indicative of truth as yet unconsidered or unpublished is hubris in its most base condition.

‘Look hard at your reflections and read the obvious no matter the consequence’

Many of my thoughts, good and bad, I generally push aside after but a moments consideration. They tend to be based on momentary emotion, whether angst or joy, and in the cold light of reason are as full of holes as a well-used colander.

I do most of my deep thinking when I am walking, I find the fresh air and the mere presence of nature a natural amplifier for my intellect. Thankfully, many of those strands dissipate into nothingness before I am able to transcribe their meandering pathways, otherwise I would no doubt be even more touched than I already am inclined to be. Solitude is undoubtably a great aid to contemplation, the only problem being that the lack of available counter narrative promotes sententiousness and moralistic pietism. Thankfully my more bombastic and overreaching conclusions are soon deflated eruditely by my few but extremely valued close friends.

Conversationally I tend to digress constantly, jumping from subject to subject with the lack of focus of a mandrill in an abundantly fruited grove of trees. Such a melee of ideas and apparently unrelated propositions can seem haphazard to a newcomer, but in reality, the skeins of the unrelated strands will in the fullness of time produce a rather splendid if overly intertwined net.

Theoretically time and experience should make opinion and concept more realistic. My experience tends to divulge from this consensus, The longer I enjoy upon this earth the less convinced I am that logic can explain the imbecilic pattern of civilization’s development,  the strangely cyclic repetition of errors and tragedies, the constant propagation of bad decisions, the unembarrassed inclination towards self-serving behavior, cumulatively deconstructing anything but the most erroneous  and superficial inclinations.  With some regret I can easily recognize these same markers in my own thoughts, behaviors, prejudices, reactions and emotions. Such traits are by nature reptilian, conniving, cold eyed and duplicitous, perhaps the last vestige of our slow crawl from the primeval swamp that was our birthing pool.  

Personal blogs are by design and nature eviscerating, verbally dissecting slice by slice the very crux of the supplicants view of, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’.

However, unlike the unfortunate Mister Arthur Dent, we bloggers does have a distinct advantage. Our prospective audience still exists in sufficient a proximity to reality for us to preach, berate, cajole, pontificate, amuse, bore, or just annoy, endlessly.

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