24th January 2020

I spent most of te night and the morning learning a new blog program. Unfortunately the only way technical matters can now be forced onto my memory board is through constant and seemingly endless repetition. Thankfully after about eight hours slog dispersed with perhaps two hours sleep the miracle of consciousness to my decidedly ‘Abi Normal’ brain was achieved. Carefully balancing my undecided hump between one shoulder and the other I put juice to jelly and created a brand spanking new monster for my very own.

Being reasonably happy with the result I am the proverbial tusker basking in glory, but naturally it is for you my unfortunate and much beloved readers to make final judgement. Do not spare broom or oyster in judgement, whatever the decision I am will remain the last and most humble of Odobenidae.

Today marks one month since Christmas Eve and over twenty-four days from New Year. I do hope all your presents have proved either decorative, useful or appetizing and that the promissory oaths we all blithely swear at New Year are not proving too daunting. Remember a halt is not a retreat but simply a rest and recuperation from battle.

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