22nd January 2020

I consider myself fortunate to have been raised in a society where the theatrical and mundane were intertwined as co-dependently as the holly and ivy are upon the oak tree supporting their parasitic behaviors. Whilst some might consider this duplicitous and self-serving assembly unedifying and unnatural, I would suggest that such interplay represents as close a proximity to factual human interaction as can be witnessed.

Shakespeare’s adage that ‘all the worlds a stage’ has far from lost its reality, indeed the players in this planets performance have become more inclusive that exclusive, cunning, conniving, self-motivated, superficial, politically driven, the audience passing through the proscenium to  merge with the cast, treading the boards to ad lib their own slightly skewed interpretations of the original lines.

The talent I acquired through early inoculation with theater was an ability, all be it intuitive, to truth say, dissect the ongoing script into its two components, honesty and lie.  A play must have some degree of truth or they are just unbelievable, even to the gullible. The degree of honesty however can be minimized by a well-coached performer and outrageous fiction will appear reality.

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