21st January 2020

The relationship between choice and inclination is something that continues to perplex me. I have no doubt that both have much to do with the direction and form of human behavior, but I do not accept that one must necessarily override the other in every case. I cannot imagine a circumstance were my natural inclinations would automatically control my choices, whether those inclinations be physical in form, intellectual or spiritual. To suggest otherwise would reduce humankind to beasts of instinctual response alone, without the ability to check or manage baser inclinations when required. An ability to control actions and reactions in mundane and extraordinary circumstances is the very test of the human condition. Without that singularly human ability we would lash out, cave, flee or adopt pack like behavior in even the most minimal of stressful circumstance.

Much is made in our caring sharing community that nature overrides nurture, that the driving forces locked inside the psyche must out of self-destruct. I heartily disagree. Freedom of choice does not negate responsibility; need does not erase reason or culpability. Be yourself but also accept the burden of duty

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