19th January 2020

Somedays are designed for physicalexercise, some for intellectual pursuits, some for socialization and verbal interactions. Today however was one of those days solely constructed for internalization, for rest and for recovery. Such breaks are not planned, not foreseen, expected or arranged, they simply arrive, settling peacefully upon mind and body like a comfortable set of well-worn clothes.

I have been known to fight the lethargy, force myself to complete preciously calendared events, attend meetings, override my deepest inclinations. Today I had no such overriding pressures, so graciously accepted this occasional but naturally occurring moment with both relief and elation.  Relief that for once my innermost voice had found a suitable moment in life’s turbulent voyage to speak, elation that the warm and much needed fur rug of personal time and space could be pulled over my psyche with contented sigh.

Tomorrow no doubt will return to the regular pattern, places to go, people to see, activities that must without fail be completed. I will concur and surrender to the current, certain in the knowledge that such imperatives are no more reality than today’s wondrously empty space.

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