17th January 2020

Was very happy to see and acknowledge a three-truck crew of those true local heroes, the Orcas Electric linemen on my way into the park this afternoon. Oft forgot when times are good,  if winds are low, trees upright and power available at the flick of a switch  these extraordinarily hard working individuals, whose hours must seem to their long suffering families and friends as unpredictable as the weather itself miraculously and momentarily appear to renew, replace and repair our somewhat outdated endlessly failing power supply system.

 These skilled workmen steadfastly represent the last guard without whom Orcas and other communities on the fringes of civilizations blanket would be hurled unceremoniously back to the dark ages from whence we so recently escaped. Without their labor no enclosed shopping areas, community schooling, public services or amenities, no availability of pumped gasoline for boats or vehicles, no cash dispensing machines, computers, electronics, in fact a total lack of each and every convenience we rely upon throughout our every living second.

Always recall that the world we now enjoy is dependent on one element and one element alone, the continual availability of a regular and as far as possible uninterrupted electrical power supply.

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