16th January 2020

After what seemed an enforced eternal bout of ‘cabin fever’ I finally managed to leave my snowy surrounds today and reconnoiter, with some trepidation, down the slopes towards Eastsound. The byway verges are still burdened with ploughed snow, but thankfully the weather haswarmed sufficiently to make the underlay less icy and treacherous than might be expected.

Taking care to fastidiously greet every passing motorist, brownie points for politeness are ever to be collected, I found my journey pleasantly bracing after the enforced three day stand down. The magnificent view of Crescent bay that eventually greeted my eyes was as glorious as can be imagined.

Eastsound proper had managed to largely shed her white mantle and was showing a friendly face to a host of visitors, both local and distant. Vehicular movement seemed to be returning steadily to normal levels with even the larger delivery vehicles venturing onto the paved byways.

Coffee in company at ‘Brown Bears Bakers’ brought my jaunt to a pleasing crescendo, afore returning homeward to my snowy highlands.

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