15th January 2020

Day four of snowzilla and winter has arrived in full splendor upon thissacred isle. Trees bend with the weight of white stuff, what appeared healthy limbs crack from icy chill, wildlife used to an abundance of food and drink even in theharshest of Januarys suddenly flit hither and thither in search of nourishment. Most will surely survive, but those unfortunates not having the reversable thumbs to stock tins and dry goods for weather enforced shortages must be forgiven for some disquiet. Some fresh water, seed or parings from fruit and vegetables will make a substantial difference to the peace of our natural friends.

The thaw is due to start tomorrow, and will no doubt expose a certain measure of damage thus far covered by geometric flakes. Branches will descend earthward with speed and ferocity, roofs will spring new and unexpected leaks, fences will fail to return to upright when released from their weighty burden. Life will return to ‘normalcy’, whatever we might envisage that to represent.

 We inhabit an island who’s ‘normal’ is a degree off kilter, not askew you understand, but sufficiently tilted to be entertaining no matter the season.

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