13th January 2020

Early wake up to the realization that temperatures had dropped severely overnight. Sure enough the skylights showed a nice layer of snow, so first order of the day was to ignite my already prepared wood stove! A bright warming blaze was soon flaming nicely, and temperatures returned to a much more acceptable sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Unsurprisingly two slices of toast and a mug of coffee had me feeling a little over comfortable, so a second sleep was definitely in order.

Two hours later I finally laced my snow boots and headed out into Lapp heaven. Pathways were a little slippery, particularly as the heavy rain of the precious few days had created some hidden icy covered puddles for the unwary foot soldier,  but one slight slip was sufficient to put me on my guard and the rest of my ambling was comparatively surprise free.

My stroll took me down the hillside to look in on some neighbors who live some distance below me at the edge of thebay itself. The walk down the wooded driveway was decidedly pleasant, especially with the sure knowledge that kindness would ensure me the provision of a ride back to the top.

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