12th January 2020

The much-anticipated snows finally arrived earlythisafternoon. Having awoken several times in the night with good feelings in my bones I was disappointed to see no precipitation from my windows beyond the usual winter rain showers till one post meridian. Thankfully I was showered, dressed, shod and prepared for the outbreak when it finally came and immediately set forth into the white stuff. Large singular flakes to commence my stroll but within half a mile I was being nicely inundated with the kind of snow that has intentions to make its white mark.

By my arrival at Moran State Park I was enjoying areal blizzard, sufficiently daunting for me to take extra care when dealing with the oncoming vehicular traffic. I am always amazed at the difference snow showers make to the sounds of nature, the way all noise is severely curtailed, the largest spaces become almost claustrophobic in nature. As I walked mu steps were quickly surrounded by a bevy of small birds who seem to take my presence as a good indicator that their safety from aerial predatory interlopers was assured.

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