10th January 2020

The imminent threat of snow directed my feet towards Eastsound today, taking the opportunity to see friends and acquaintances before we the ‘mountain folk’ are whited out. The weather is very rainy indeed, the downwards trek took me through two distinct layers of cloud before the wind driven crashing waves of Crescent beach assailed my eyes and ears. Rainy but not unpleasant, ‘fine hiking weather’ as Pacific North Westerners are inclined to say, damp enough to need an efficient raincoat of some kind but not so cool as to need extra wadding. I ever feel considerable sadness for the unfortunate motorists obliged to drive rather than enjoy the open air. 

Coffee was enjoyed at the Brown Bear Bakers, a wonderfully central spot with ever some excitement in the air. Personally I am inclined to ensconce on the balcony if possible, there being able to feed my two remaining addictions, full leaded caffeine and 3% nicotine, in comfort and comparative privacy.

Today is the birthday of my daughter Nikeisha Tamarra, who has but recently presented me with a beautiful grandchild. I take great pride in her achievements to date and the bounteous future guaranteed to to such a deserving individual.

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