5th January 2020

After a minor stroll yesterday I finally felt up to my regular length constitutional this afternoon. My chosen path took me up the hill towards the Rosario road, to drop down the far side and to pass beneath the ever-welcoming arch of Moran State park. This was my first jaunt along this familiar route this year but glad to say apart from a little wind damage the new year seems to have entered gently.

The camps aside the lake have all been closed for the moment, the only open site being at the far end beyond the Rangers workshops and parking. I had already decided to wander up to Moran camo itself so continued past the Lioness’s cottage, stopping only for a brief exchange of seasonal pleasantries.

Nimuë, the lady of the lake, is on hiatus from the canvas castle, a wise choice even if driven by officialdom rather than choice, so ant chance to catch up on gossip and events will have to be postponed to a later date.

Glad to say the five remaining swans are still to be found enjoying the shallows above the boat ramp, were an apparent abundance of ‘Scooby snacks’ proliferate.

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