3rd January 2020

A day spent avoiding high winds and beating rain. People ask often what bought me to Orcas? My answer generally is simply ‘the weather’. Even avoiding the worst excesses the PNW has to offer I still find myself sitting at my large picture window watching the snow fall, the rain pour, the wind rattle, the sun occasionally beat down, even the most overcast and insipid of days reeks of Britannia at her finest. You can seduce the boy away from his homeland, but you cannot erase the changeable nature from his soul.

Continuing down the track of familiarity, please allow me to take a few moments to elucidate a good old Yankee shout out to those purveyors of all things gastronomical, the amazing and free delivery Amazon!  Some delicacies are often denigrated as anchors to my past heritage, possibly because the epicurean delights that excite me as an ex pat are quite under rated in this foreign land. Today I took delivery of a huge carton of ‘Birds’ custard powder, a comfort food that rates as high on my listings as high as ‘Farex’ baby cereal, or ‘Branston’ Pickle. Adequate supplies of these three products ensures the continuing existence of a happy nostalgic Laird within these substitute isles.

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