2nd January 2020

A new year dawns and brings with it a new positive attitude and a concerted effort not to miss any more opportunities.

Case in point, my dear friend Susan Malins had recently acquired a rather fine ‘trug’, the rather quaint East Anglian name for an open top wicker cut flower/kindling tote, including the item the latest picture advertising for her thrift store ‘Thrifty Nifty’. Here was an item that would decidedly add to my daily existence, so all that was required, apart from the very reasonable dollar purchase price, was a suitably prompt opportunity for acquisition.

As luck would have it my dear friend Robin and I decided to take coffee this afternoon at ‘Enzos’, thereby avoiding the necessity to overlook the poignant view of ‘Katheryn Taylors’ now locked and unlit premises. This of course brought us to within but a few yards of ‘Nifty Thrifty’ and the very desirable ‘trug’.

As witnessed by my latest daily photograph, the ‘trug’ quickly purchased and now sits very contentedly upon the small red Persian rug adjacent to the wood stove.

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