1st January 2020

Happy New Years to all! I am quite happy to let the new calendar sneak in with a whisper, my days of creating a scarily hazy and almost immemorable joining of past and present are thankfully well departed.   As is my habit latterly I watched as the midnight hour slipped westwards, starting far off in Australasia, passing through the Asia proper, the India’s and the near east, Africa, eastern and western Europe, my homeland of Britannia, finally to reach my last continent of repose, these Americas.

I stare at my lap top screen engrossed at the pictures, enjoying the people, thrilling at their exhilaration for the future, of relief to be leaving the past, yet in that same moment find myself surrounded by somewhat unfamiliar ghosts far more comforting than any the new dawn can possibly provide. The realization that passing time is not necessarily a friend to be welcomed, but sometimes a bitter enemy. An eraser who takes great pleasure inwiping events and individuals from our existence and friends, relatives,lovers and emotions from collective memory, never to be recalled again.

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