30th December 2019

Some news is beyond sad! Learned today that tomorrow Katherine Taylor Chocolates will be closing their retail coffee shop in Eastsound. The chocolate side of the business will continue, but only in its mail order/internet form.

The closing of any long-time premise is always heart rending, but particularly one whose owner, family and employees have been more friends than barista. I will particularly miss those special occasions that will always be linked in my memory to ‘KT’s’, notably 4th July any of course Halloween.

Life must continue of course but ever begs the question does it necessarily improve? The saving grace is that even as my preferred haunts over time either change or disappear, their memory remains indelibly ensconced within my heart and soul.

Spent some visiting with my dear friends John and Jules, always such a joy to catch up after some enforced time apart. Real pals are rare in this day and age and even I, the most private and reclusive of individuals, must take the time and care to keep them in good fettle.

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