25th December 2019

Christmas morning arrived with much joyfulness and many an invitation to participate in local family celebrations. Tempting as the kind offers were, I managed to remain true to my plans and having prepared a flask of fresh brewed tea and packaged up some shortcake biscuits headed towards Moran Park intent on first footing with my less well-situated acquaintances. As often can transpire on cold, wet and desperate nights matters had taken an unfortunate turn of events so my attendance with vitals and cheer was both well timed and well received. 

Counting by abundant blessings as ever I returned home to my warm cottage and an early tea of ham and egg sandwiches. Simple fayre perhaps but filling exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Settling back in my favorite chair, a warm shawl firmly pinned about my shoulders I took a few minutes to firstly watch the recording of the Queens annual Christmas address and then some footage of the Royal families regular Christmas morning attendance at church service.

A good day, complete with cheer, charity, and kind thoughts and words.

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