24th December 2019

Walked into Eastsound this afternoon and enjoyed a few moments with the folks at Kathryn Taylors. Always such a joy to be welcomed as one of their family. Was happy to leave a little gift for Kathryn. Some art supplies to help feed her obviously growing artistic talents. My favorite Goth barista departed today and headed for culinary school. I so look forward to her returning to the island a fully qualified and proficient chef. Promised I would be first in line at her restaurants opening night.

Christmas Eve dinner spent with Tani and John. John presented for our culinary delight a wonderful platter of roast lamb, accompanied with a variety of root vegetables. To complete the treat was a wonderful dash of home, mint sauce from Cross and Blackwell. Conversation was varied and lively as ever. If we three could truly put the globe to rights the world would be so much more serene.

A jolly chat with Robin Keck rounded out the evening. Always such fun and original in both nature and particulars.

So grateful to all my many friends and acquaintances who continue to make my twilight years the best of my life. Seasons greeting to All!

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