23rd December 2019

Moran was quiet today almost totally devoid of traffic both foot and motorized, people presumably settling in for the holidays. Our Lady of Moran was in good spirits, sorting through what looked like a multitude of new clothes kindly donated for her comfort.

Only three adult swans were grouped today with the two adolescents today, had me wondering if the fourth was feathering a nest somewhere, although still a little early for such paternal activity. Six Canadian Geese were in possession of the grass in front of the boat dock and seemed to have no intention of vacating for their larger distant relatives, much trumpeting ensued.

A little wet under foot but no new rain appeared to mar my jaunt. The park is looking very lush and the lake level is as high as I have seen it so far this year.

The building in Camp Moran that suffered a deadly tree in 2018 had finally been demolished and cleared away, leaving a very pristine looking concrete pad to pensively await a new structure.

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