22nd December 2019

A slow gimpy walk to Eastsound for refreshment and supplies. The weather was that wonderous broken sunshine that seems to only infect December and January, making each vista glorious and unforgettable. The island is seeing its usual holiday influx of visitors, particularly noticeable in the excessive speeds of motor vehicles on what are otherwise comparatively quiet byways. That drivers and passengers are so eager to flash past the magnificent scenery surrounding their motor carriages will ever be a perplexion to me.

I was happy to see Our Lady of Moran very near the corner, she destined for the laundry, me for Crescent beach. Our jovial hellos were as always impassioned and heartfelt.

The Brown Bears Bakery was quiet, and I was lucky enough to be the lucky patron to enjoy a free coffee paid forward by a previous customer in a most seasonal manner. Both coffee and company were excellent, and conversation was both light and fanciful and occasionally intense, the combination I favor.

A fast circuit of the market completed my daily chores. I am forever grateful for acquaintances time and patience in helping me to regularly resupply my larder without needing to overburden the shelves. The aisles were more than adequately filled for the number of staff working but needless to say they performed their varied duties efficiently and with considerable grace.

This year I will be spending my first Christmas Day alone in some twenty years, so made all the purchases necessary to ensure my eyes and belly receive all the blessings they desire. Ham and tomato sandwiches may sound quite tame to many, but to me they represent a repast of considerable meritocracy.

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