21st December 2019

Moran creek flows exceeding fast witness to the volume of rain kissing every stone, tree and bush betwixt Constitution tower and the lake. Any fishy friends still attempting to travel their destined path upstream will find their journey exceeding strained.

The swans, four adult and two adolescents, continue to serenely bless the rapidly filling banks of the Cascade, their continuing sojourn perhaps suggesting that the swannery abandoned for the last two years might find its advantageous seclusion required one more.

Our lady of Moran remains in great spirits despite the rainfall and we exchanged seasonal pleasantries for several minutes this afternoon. Hermits of an ilk are inclined to gossip upon meeting.

I perched for several minutes upon my usual bench and dreamt about futures yet to manifest. Is a small measure of brandy in my regulation coffee filled hip flask allowable as a Christmas Day luxury?

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